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Our policies

Because of the nature of the custom work and the large number of variables, Mister Sew-N-Sew must physically see a job before quoting a price. No quotes are provided over the telephone or through email unless Mister Sew-N-Sew has first seen a job, collected all necessary measurements and notes, and talked to the client to be sure all agree on the scope of work to be accomplished. Mister Sew-N-Sew provides a written proposal for the job, which we ask the customer to sign once agreement is reached on a price.

Mister Sew-N-Sew maintains a waiting list of customers. Names are added in the order in which they are received. Since some jobs can take weeks to complete, the waiting list is carefully explained to the customer. Mister Sew-N-Sew honors the waiting list and is careful not to overbook.

On repair or re-sew jobs, the canvas or fabric must be clean and dry. The job will not be accepted if the canvas is not clean, dry and in acceptable condition.

We are a proud member of the Marine Fabricators Association (MFA), a division of the Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI). The business is listed as a member in their trade publication and web site.